Interactive Scape

Shaping Human Interaction

The best of both worlds

We revolutionize human-machine interaction and connect real objects with digital experiences

Interactive Scape researches and develops innovative hardware and software solutions that seamlessly connect physical objects with the unlimited possibilities of the digital world. As a digital pioneer and world leader in object recognition technology, we provide unique, tangible data visualization and software solutions for empathetic user experiences and intuitive human-machine interaction.

Revolutionizing Craftsmanship

The Lerosh Project and Interactive Scape’s Intuitive Robotics Interface

In the realm of modern manufacturing and craftsmanship, robotics could become an indispensable tool. However, the complexity of traditional robotic control systems often makes them inaccessible for most users due to their complicated interfaces.

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Ein Mensch hält auf der linken Seite des Bildes ein IPAD in der Hand mit Stift. Auf dem Ipad sieht man die Applikation, mit der man einen Roboter steuern kann. Im Hintergund sieht man den Roboter der durch den Menschen gesteuert wird.
PhD in Robotics Előd Páll
Projectmanager Robotic
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M. Sc. Bastian König
Software Developer, UI/UX Designer
+49 30 698094-158
Thilo Rörig
Senior Software Developer
+49 30 698094159