Forward-looking craftsmanship is created where people experiment with an inquiring spirit and failure is not a setback but an iteration loop on the way to success. iteration loop on the way to success.

werk5 new craft

  • We combine craftsmanship with futuristic technology

    In order to realize the visions and projects of architects, designers, and artists, we are constantly on the lookout for new, convincing technology. Robotics opens up fundamentally new possibilities for us in implementation.

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Modellbauer bei der Arbeit in der Maschinenhalle. Im Vordergrund steht ein Roboterarm, daneben ein Bischofshut aus PU-Blockmaterial, den der Mitarbeiter durch den Roboter aus dem Material fräsen lässt.

Carpentry Eigenstetter

  • Quality is always a good investment

    This allows us to offer wide-ranging solutions, from structural elements and staircases to interior fittings and furniture construction, as well as complex custom-made products using our modern robotic milling center and expert restoration.

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Schröter Modell- und Formenbau

  • High-end solutions for complex prototyping of all kinds.

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Strehl Children’s rehabilitation technology

  • Our motto “We not only sell products, but a piece of quality of life” runs through all areas.

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Kreul & Stoll musical instrument making

  • Master violinmaker Kreul specializes in the construction of custom-made instruments, i.e. outline shape, arching height, scales, etc., tailored exactly to the musician’s needs.

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