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Gunnar Bloss

Is this still model-making?

Robotics opens up fundamentally new implementation opportunities for us

In order to realize the visions and projects of architects, designers, and artists, we are constantly on the lookout for new, convincing technology. In a ZIM-sponsored project, we already researched the application of collaborative robotics for component assembly and developed the ‘Robotics Toolbox’, an initial concept for individual robotics applications in the trades.

Anyone who visits our model-making workshop near Berlin’s Ostbahnhof will notice that technology makes our work easier, both in planning and in implementing our customers’ orders. It enables us to use industrial machines for unique construction and to develop visions for the future of the model-making craft.

Mit diesen Technolgien arbeitet werk5
Dipl. Ing. Gunnar Bloss
Managing director
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David Jaschik
Project Manager Mechatronics
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M. Sc. Weiyi Zhao
Robot software developer
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Dipl. Ing. Eva Waldherr
PR & Communication
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