The human-machine interface is a function or component of a particular device or software application that allows people to operate and interact with machines.

From emergency stop button to Hololens

In robotic application systems, there are on the one hand numerous necessary functions and components (e.g. robot control panel for safe machine operation), and on the other hand also a growing number of hardware and software components which, in their special configuration, can greatly simplify or accelerate the human handling of machines.

LEROSH will also be used to test the applicability of such systems for handcraft suitability, e.g.:

Computer vision systems that can be trained to recognize specific elements and movements (>e.g., component recognition or gesture control).

Infrared-based motion (movement) trackers that can quickly and accurately detect position and orientation in space

AR (augmented reality) glasses for 3D process monitoring and control.

With which interaction between human, robot and component can the use be simplified, accelerated, made more flexible?