DLR – German Aerospace Center

Development and research of robotic systems

Operate efficiently with robots

The institute develops robots that enable people to interact with the environment more effectively, efficiently and safely. The robots are intended to work in environments that are inaccessible or dangerous for humans, but also to support and relieve humans during work and everyday life.

Our robots reproduce and extend human manipulation and locomotion capabilities on a functional level. More generally understood, our robots perform any tasks of locomotion and interaction with the environment as autonomously as possible. Central to this is human-robot interaction, which takes place on both a physical and cognitive level.

Korbinian Nottensteiner
Cognitive Robotics
+49 8153 28-4122
Christoph Willibald
Research Scientist - Robot Learning
+49 8153 28-4339
Lioba Suchenwirth
Public Relations
+49 8153 28-2721