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Official project start: 01.08.2022

3 years of interdisciplinary research on robotics in the craft sector

automatica June 2022: Current sanding tools for robotic use

Sanding and polishing with robots is already a reality, e.g. with the sanding attachments from the companies OnRobot or FerRobotics. Both systems can readjust the contact pressure of the grinding attachment. The OnRobot-System can also readjust the alignment to the surface by evaluating the torque. The desired machining paths/points can be specified by the user with OnRobot by means of UR-Cap (Universal Robots) and via simple input instruments or the robot itself.



Force controlled surface machining

As the market leader, FerRobotics offers a wide range of force-sensitive grinding tools. However, path planning must be pre-programmed.

OnRobot - Sander

Doosan Robotics-App

Doosan Robotics (China) is showing a very intuitive robot control system for polishing using a smartphone. With the integrated position sensor, the robot can be brought directly into the appropriate position. Very convenient, but perhaps also somewhat inaccurate?


The shortage of skilled workers is becoming more and more noticeable

Statista (23.11.2021)