What does robot integration mean?

Robots are usually delivered by the manufacturers as incomplete machines (according to: Directive-2006_42_EG.pdf) and only with documentation: technical documentation, assembly instructions and a declaration of incorporation.

For their use, however, robots still require control software, integration into a system sequence, appropriate tools and the necessary safety equipment. For commissioning, the following must also be prepared: Risk assessment, technical documentation, EU declaration of conformity and CE marking of the person installing the system. For this reason, integration and maintenance have so far mostly been carried out by specialist companies.

In the LEROSH approach, the complexity of the system and operation is now to be simplified as far as possible, thus also reducing the effort of integration – where possible.

Risks can be minimized with pragmatic safety concepts, ergonomic tools and automation solutions that are suitable for the skilled trades and thus drive the spread of robotics in the skilled trades.