Framework for the craft

Technically challenging for the software development is to determine the correct combination of all involved system components:

LEROSH relies here on the already revised, better standardized ROS 2.

How and where are all involved components and programs linked (plumbing) ?

Where can software modules simplify the systems for the user or make them connectable?

How to deal with different robot systems ?

Which modules could later also function as a functioning robot app or a robotics toolbox for the craft?

The intended integration and implementation of the solutions in an intuitively operable framework for cobots – as well as for conventional robot systems – enables the development of a holistic approach in LEROSH, which, compared to the state of the art, is not only suitable for selected special cases, but enables increased manual performance in a broad field of applications. This makes it possible to realize greatly improved and more flexible automated processing of different individual parts even without programming effort.